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I am supposed to drive over the GW Bridge tomorrow and then park at the first boat basin on river road. I'm not sure what exit to take off the bridge and the directions to river road from there... only familiar with it when riding over the bridge

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Upper Level Only!

2nd right lane (far right is exit only to Palisades Pkwy). First exit after P.Pkwy is Hudson Terrace. After that you're on your own.

Lower level takes you much further west into Ft Lee.

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Derek (not verified)

"From Manhattan - Take the UPPER DECK. (Wave at the large American flag hanging above in honor of 9/11)

Stay in the far right lane. As per Evan's post, take the SECOND exit (Hudson Terrace) and STAY RIGHT- the exit ramp will loop hard right 180 degrees and you should end up at a red light FACING the Bridge. (The red light will be facing the North Walkway where all of us bikers are carrying bikes up the stairs) This should look familiar now.

At light, make a RIGHT, go under the bridge.
Continue as you do when riding to River Road.

If you miss the Hudson Terrace, EXIT OFF the highway IMMEDIATELY into Fort Lee or you will end up on the NJ Turnpike or Route 80."

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jc (not verified)
Try this link

From the Manhattan side of the GWB to the first boat basin on River Road


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James Price (not verified)

Thanks for all your help, I'm all set now!!!

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Jay (not verified)
several clarifications

1. If u wind up on the lower levelof the GWB, it's no big deal--just keep in the extreme right lane and get off at the 1st exit. Turn right, pass KFC and a big office blkdg and a large gas station, then about 100 feet later take the right ramp onto the Palisades Pky (it only goes North)

2. Regardless which level you took, take the Palisades Parkway to exit 1 (Palisades AVE) Pass the B of A branch and go down to River Road. (BTW bikes are not allowed on this steep road)

3. Get the EXACT NAME of the marina and go to it when you reach the bottom.

3. FYI On Sundays you can also park almost any place on Hudson Terrace. On all other days you can park in Allsion Park which is just to the East of Hudson Terrace at a dip in it near the college. It's the only street going off Hudson Terrace to the east.

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