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Should the front and rear tires wear down at the same rate? I find that my rear tire wears down much faster than the front tire. While this seems reasonable, I am wondering if, properly situated on the bike, the tires should wear down at about the same rate. Thanks

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

It's perfectly normal to wear the rear tire out first. Some people switch the front and back partway through their normal service life. I've never seen the sense in putting a more worn tire on the front, as a front blowout at speed is not good.

The way I ride now,(less miles spread over more bikes), I get a season or two from a set of tires. I usually change them both at the same time unless one failed from a major gash and not from normal wear. The front can usually be saved as a spare.

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ted (not verified)
rear faster

The rear will usually wear faster. A normal weight distribution puts more weight on the rear wheel. Obviously, as you move more to the drops, weight will shift forward.
One way to rotate tires is to take the front off, move it to the back, and put a new tire on the front, this way you always have a newer tire on the front, and can run the rear down as far as you like/dare.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Suggestions, and cold hard data to back them up
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KY (not verified)
Rear wear occurs rapidly to *big boned* riders (nm)
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