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As I need to be in the city for a dinner engagement, I will not be doing the Mohonk extravaganza (see Mohonk post). As I must still get a ride in, I will be doing Gimbel's medium tomorrow. Those who wish to join me or experience the Gimbel's thrill ride, I will be at the intersection of Madison and 125 around 8:25am. From there I will head up Grand Concourse to Jerome Ave to the Cross County Mall where Gimbel's starts. I do the medium route and after, I ride 11 miles down Boston Post Rd to the #4 train at Moshulu Parkway.

The medium route is about 32 miles, the first 12 up through N. White Plains ridden fairly mellow. The remaining 20 miles continues up Rt 22 working over to 120 and finishing on Boston Post road in Mamaroneck. The pace is high, the peloton fluid. There is a sprint point that is usually contested.

If you wish to join me, you need to be able to ride A25++, safely in a group. If you get dropped, you will be on your own. I usually stop at the Bagel Zone in Larchmont on BPR. Email me if interested so I will know to wait at Madison-125. At 8:26, I will be on my way.

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fendergal (not verified)

Just a point of clarification: there is no medium.

There is short and long, both done at race pace. The shortest route is Otto's route, for the older guys who can't do the race pace anymore.

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Steve Weiss (not verified)
Thanks for the Clarification

"I was introduced to the 22 route from the 120/22 split as the medium. I don't do Otto's route which I have always considered to be ""short."""

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Claudio (not verified)

I'll meet ya @ Mad/125

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