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Can anyone suggest the best bike route from lower Manhattan to Prospect Park and back? I'm one of those Manhattanites who has been to Brooklyn once in my life...


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John (not verified)
Cycle friendly route

"Cross either the Brooklyn or Manhattan (personal preference, less pedestrians) bridge and make a right onto Tillary Street, then the followings:

R Cadman Plaza West
L Clark St
L Henry St.
L Union St.
R Hoyt St.
L Carroll St
R Prospect Park West

The route is presently marked with the letter “C” for the TA Century ride this Sunday.

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phil (not verified)

That route is probably tried and true, but the few times when I've made this trip (actually from W96 in manhattan to consy island) I would just take one of those bridges and then take flatbush avenue straight down to the park.

It is straightforward, but you will be in traffic and the road is under construction there pretty much all the time, so most people are uncomfortable with that.

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Susan (not verified)

Please, do not use Flatbush Avenue - it's terrible.

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fendergal (not verified)

It depends when you're going. I go to Prospect Park for races on weekend mornings, and at 6:00 am, it's a piece of cake. On the way home, I occasionally take another route to the BB. But in general, I prefer the most direct route.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Manhattan to Prospect Park and back

Returning to Manhattan, I exit the park on 3rd St, then:
L Prospect Park West
R 4th St
R 5th Ave
L Bergen St
R Smith St / Jay St to Manhattan Bridge.

Going to Brooklyn, for years I used to take the Williamsburg Bridge, then Wythe Ave / Franklin Ave all the way until a right on Empire Blvd for one block, then cross Flatbush Ave into the park.

Now I don't really have any set way to go there, but I usually take the Manhattan Bridge. Sometimes I do this:
R Sands St
R Navy St / Ashland Place
L Lafayette Ave (BAM is on the corner)
R Vanderbilt Ave to Grand Army Plaza.

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JP (not verified)

"Flatbush stinks.

The Clark/Henry is roundabout and a C minus route.

Go over the BB and make a

R Tillary 2 blk
L Cadman Plaza/Court St (Deadend forces a L or R) go about 1 mile

L Union St 2 blk
R Hoyt St. 2 blk
L Carroll

X bridge (Cobble stone pave - great)
go about 1 mile

X PP West (9th Ave)
**L Sidewalk 2 blk
R Into PP

**ALTERNATE to avoid sidewalk

R PP West
L 3rd St entrance

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Official NYCC Ride Librarian position on Manahattan to Brooklyn:

"""You can't get there from here.""

- Firesign Theater"

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Glen Nison (not verified)
dot map

you should probably get the NYC Dept of Transportations Bicycle Map for NYC available in most bike stores or by calling 311 or checking out the NYC Dot website.

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Paul (not verified)
Download it here
cycling trips