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The ride starts and ends at the Beacon MNRR station.
There are two main options:
Minnewaska - Cragsmoor - 80 miles. climbs rt44/55 from Gardener to Minnewaska St Park (7mi, w/breaks). Descends to Kerhonksen for lunch. Then continues to Ellenville, climbs r52 (4mi) has an option to climb up to Cragsmoor (1.5mi)visit the Stone Church overlook.

Mohonk - Clove Valley - Minnewaska - Cragsmoor- 93 miles. turns off rt44/55 before the Minnewaska climb, rides north to the tough 2mi Mohonk climb, descends and climbs Clove Valley Rd (5mi)up to Rt44/55. meeting the 'all Minnewaska route', w/a 2mi to the park.

A ride in July found a bridge at the bottom of Mohonk out and there will be some additional miles unless an unscouted alternative has the bridge that's supposed to be there.

We expect to start riding at 9:30-9:40am.

For the return, trains leave Beacon at :50, 1hr31min to GCT.

There have been several queries about return times to NYC:
The 3:50 train is doable for the 80mi route with short breaks and no mechanicals. Very strong riders have ridden the 93 mi route and caught the 3:50 too. This year the 93mi route is problematical for the 3:50 due to the bridge situation.

If you have to be back in NYC early don't do this ride. Too many thing can go wrong. Besides the main climbs there are some long, tough hills on the approach to the 'Gunks and on the return.

But if you've got the time, this is one of the great routes and the weather forecast promises a great day to be riding.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
If the bridge on Rt 6 is out

"This pertains only to the longer ride option, those who are doing Mohonk.

The bridge in question is on Rt 6 between the easily missed left turn where 6A goes straight and the left onto Clove Valley Rd.

If the bridge is out and you take Old Clove Rd:
1 TOPO! says it is unpaved. But it might have been paved subsequent to the map.
2 It is 0.5 miles long, descending 85' then climbing 136'. That gives you a 13% grade for 0.2 miles.
3 The route coming off the left at the big sweeping right hand turn around the field at the bottom of Mohonk onto 6, as 6A goes straight would be (half a mile more than original route) :
R 0.2 Old Clove Rd
L 0.5 Cedar Hill Rd
R 0.6 Cedar Hill Rd/Clove Rd/Rt 6
QL Clove Valley Rd

If you the bridge is out and you don't want to take Old Clove but play it safe, albeit the long way (2.8 miles more than original route) :
Go straight around the bend, taking 6A north rather than the left onto 6:
BL 1.2 TRO Rt 6A (Mossy Brook goes straight, to right)
L 0.6 Cedar Hill Rd
R 1.9 Cedar Hill Rd/Clove Rd/Rt 6
QL Clove Valley Rd

Bottom line: just do the route as is listed and if the bridge is repaired you will never know there ever was a problem. But if the bridge is out I would guess there will be detour signs that direct you around the second option."

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el jefe (not verified)
Off your route

It's not on your route tomorrow, but you're the ones most likely to have an answer. Has the Grahamsville Deli re-opened or is there anyplace else to eat in Grahamsville?

Good luck on your ride tomorrow. Fred's the eternal optimist. NOAA says 30% chance of thunderstorms anytime after noon:

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Yes, it is open and improved, complete with restroom. (nm)
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John Z (not verified)

We will miss your traditional presence and leadership assistance, not to mention help making the 3:50 train!

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el jefe (not verified)
My ride

Sorry I can't make it this year. I'll be doing Slide-Samson-Peekamoose on Tuesday (hence my need for the Grahamsville Deli) and Devils Kitchen or some other route up to Maggies in Tannersville on Wednesday or Thursday (hiking the other day), in case anyone wants to join me.

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