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I am thinking of purchasing a scattante cfr triple bike from performance bike. the price will be about $1600(with a sale that expires on monday 9/11) is very low for a carbon fiber frame. does anyone have one and if so can you give me pros or cons about this bike. thanks.

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Nick Trippel (not verified)
scattante bike

I've got the cheaper aluminum R.550 and am quite happy with it. Great components at a low price.

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JP (not verified)

A Cat 4 racer friend uses a Scat carbon :-) and really likes it, despite the name and we making fun of it.

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Peter Nigro (not verified)

I have one with R-650 and i like it.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
carbon dating

Like many other name brand carbon frames like Giant and Colnago and other parts by FSA, among others, the frame at one time was manufactured in Taiwan, maybe it still is, or possibly now in mainland China.

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