What is the distance of one lap around prospect park?

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don montalvo (not verified)
according to prospectpark.org...(url)


> A 3.35-mile running lane is provided along the Park Drive.
> The distance of the sidewalks outside the Park is 3.75 miles."

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Eric Faber (not verified)
Prospect Park Distance

The distance is 3.2 Miles.

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Sarah (not verified)

I believe it's actually 3.36miles


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Billy Budd (not verified)

The distance is 3.372 miles.

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Claudette (not verified)

Well, here is Archimedes' argument:
The effect of this procedure is to define an increasing sequence

b1 , b2 , b3 , ...

and a decreasing sequence

a1 , a2 , a3 , ...

such that both sequences have limit p.

Using trigonometrical notation, we see that the two semiperimeters are given by

an = K tan(p/K), bn = K sin(p/K),

where K = 3 cross 2n-1. Equally, we have

an+1 = 2K tan(p/2K), bn+1 = 2K sin(p/2K),

and it is not a difficult exercise in trigonometry to show that

(1/an + 1/bn) = 2/an+1 . . . (1)

an+1bn = (bn+1)2 . . . (2)

Archimedes, starting from a1 = 3 tan(p/3) = 3v3 and b1 = 3 sin(p/3) = 3v3/2, calculated a2 using (1), then b2 using (2), then a3 using (1), then b3 using (2), and so on until he had calculated a6 and b6. His conclusion was that

b6 < p < a6 .

So, therefore, the perimeter of Prospect Park (PPP) is:
p < PPP < 4.


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don montalvo (not verified)
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Marcella (not verified)
Witness! the birth of a gearhead


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bill vojtech (not verified)

But that does not account for seasonal variations– The park expands in hotter weather and contracts in colder times. Of course, when it contracts, the hills get steeper, so lost distance could be compensated for by increased incline.

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Claudette (not verified)
And of course

It varies with phases of the moon, as we all know gravitational shifts will have an effect on power output...

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Patrick W (not verified)
How fast are you cycling?

I'm sure that I've been passed in Prospect Park by folks riding at 95-98% of the speed of light. Relativistic speeds won't change the distance around the park, but you might want to think about it when you're deciding what cyclocomputer to buy.

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JP (not verified)

3.35 is the official distance.

Now, calibrate your cyclometers, re-pump your tires and do a perfect elipse around PP, with no change of line to shorten or lengthen the distance - impossible almost. So, settle on 3.35.

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