Sun., Sept 10 B17 Stew Leonard's Ice Cream Ride

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"For clarification, Sunday's ride starts at the Northeast end of Central Park to avoid the TA Century and ""5K Race for the Cure"" that will be occuring.

We will return to the City by Metro-North train from Darien, CT after we admire the beach and Long Island Sound. Bring train money and your train pass.


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hal eskenazi (not verified)
sunday b17

derek, be aware, if you're not already, that the ta century also starts from that area sunday

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Derek (not verified)
bumpity bump

yep, we're meeting at E. 110th St and 5th Ave.

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Derek Chu (not verified)
bumping to the top (w/ cell phone # for Sun. AM)

If late or lost getting to the start point (E. 110St and Fifth Ave) due to all the activity in the Park, call me
(Nine-zero-eight) 872-1894.

a glorious weekend for riding...

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Erica Tricarico (not verified)
What time will we be back in the city?

About what time should we be back in the city? Just trying to get a dog walker and don't know when we'll be long is the train ride back?

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