Scratchup Road

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"On Ellen & Kay's B ride Monday it passes the Tilcon quarry from the back. (I think that dyanmite blasting can be heard on weekdays) Having lived in Rockland County for 30+ years, have never been on it before. It could use a new road surfacing but then its name would have to be changed.

BTW it goes South off South Mountain Rd between Ridge & 9W. See posting ""Thanks Ellen & Kay""."

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fendergal (not verified)

The end closer to 9W is the side that needs work. The end closer to South Mountain Road was redone in the last couple of years.

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kay gunn (not verified)
worse due to the storm

It really wasn't too bad when I scouted the ride 2 weeks ago. The worst area is part of a gentle climb, so it's easy to avoid the potholes. All of the debris from the storm made it much worse.

It's nice and quiet on the weekends. No dynamite and no traffic. It's a decent way to cut over to 9W.

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