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spent the weekend riding the jersey shore ending up in ocean grove sun night with the intention of hitting the beach mon [labor day] and grabbing the 3:51pm out of asbury. got thrown off the train. it's a holiday and cyclists don't have the right to... and they want to cut down the use of cars, eh? i was not happy about the prospect to riding home, especially through newark at 9:30-10pm. went to change into my cycling gear when it hit me; plan b. there is a bus that goes to the port authority. i hit the pizza shop in town and asked if they could spear 2 large garbage bags. no, don't go looking for my bike in a dumpster. i broke down my bike, bagged it and suddenly i didn't have a bike, but luggage, which fit in the bus luggage compartment. so remember, it's not a bike, it's luggage!

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don montalvo (not verified)
yep, the lirr/metronorth rules suk...

...they make it very difficult to travel with your bike. go to long beach next time. :) forget jones beach...the route there by bike is hell.


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