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If it is raining or threatening as 9 AM approaches, this ride will, at the very least, be postponed. Here is the plan. We meet at The Boathouse at 9 AM unless it is wet or rain impends. The conflict is between atmospheric uncertainty and leadership optimism. Check the Message Board in the morning before you leave and bring your Metro North rail pass. We can head north, do Gate Hill then on to 7 Lakes. We can do Tiorati Brook Rd and a variation on Harriman Hell or go towards Warwick and Mt Peter. I would like to make it a hilly route. Whatever the group wants. I assume we take the train back. No cue sheets, obviously. If you are uncertain of your skills, bring a map of Rockland & Orange Counties or buy them on the road should you get lost. If the group is large enough, we will appoint leaders for different ride speeds. We are playing this by ear. Let us hope the powers which direct the weather look favorably upon our venture.

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John Z (not verified)

I have a good one in mind...

Weather permitting...

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
The mind of a Route Meister stirs.... (nm)
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Sam AA (not verified)
Great ride

Hank, thank you for leading this awesome ride. Even though the route was drawn on the go, it was one of the best rides I have done with the club.

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Ron Thomson (not verified)
Fortune favors the brave

Thank you Hank for a splendid ride today.

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chris o (not verified)
Great ride

"Lots of debris on the shoulder of 9W, but there was very little traffic in the morning and the rest of the way it was not noticeable. No flats were had, at least after we left the boathouse.

About 9 of us got in a great ride - 88 miles from the Boathouse to Cold Spring. We got out to Little Tor, then on to Gate Hill Rd into Harriman State Park, continuing on up 17A, lunch, then Arden Valley Rd., then Perkins for the hell of it, then home to Garrison, and the lovely little Chapel on the River, where they have some cold brews.

Great sunny day - and a great ride.

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