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while motorists go free when they kill cyclists.


So it's open season on cyclists I guess. Motorists hit cyclists, claim they didn't see the cyclist and walk, not even a ticket. A cyclist possibly bumps a ped and they die, cyclist arrested.

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jb (not verified)
Very poor analogy.

"Why are you defending this guy? The article states he pushed her with his hands (after the ""bump"") and he may have been drinking. She was crushed under a bus.

""According to the police report, witnesses and police officers who responded said the bicyclist was slurring his speech, had trouble balancing, and that his breath smelled of alcohol.""


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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
Did you READ it?

"Quote from article:
""But another witness says he didn't think the woman was hit by the bicycle -- or at least that wasn't the cause of her fall. Patrick Bryan, who was working at a restaurant inside Macy's, says he was looking out the window at the time.""

How many reports have we read of motorists killing cyclists and not even a ticket given? Even when the cyclist was riding where they should."

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af (not verified)
The question is: did YOU read it yourself?

The guy was riding his bike on the sidewalk, apparently while intoxicated. He probably bumped the woman. According to the witness you cite, they exchanged words and he then pushed her and she ended up crushed under a bus.

What does that have to do with motorists and cyclists and tickets?

As already stated above, you have picked a terrible case to attempt to prove that point.

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Claudette (not verified)

"This post ought to be labeled ""Drunk Guy on a Bike Arrested in Pedestrian's Death."" First of all, the man was riding on the sidewalk. Second of all, the ""cause"" of death was not the alleged bike bump, but his actions after having stepped OFF of the bike.

This person's actions do not and ought not speak for ""cyclists.""

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phil (not verified)

"""Bryan says at that very moment, the doors of the bus opened and the combination of the gust of air and the shove apparently resulted in her being pulled under the bus' wheels. ""

How can the bus doors open while it is in motion?

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bill vojtech (not verified)

"And do they have presurized buses in Seatle? Gust of wind from the door opening? Bus in motion with doors open?

A lot about this does not make sense.

Yet it is clear that the media reports and even the feeling here is that he's guilty before trial– even when eye witnesses are notoriously unreliable.

And it's not so much that I'm ""defending"" this guy as wondering why motorists who kill rarely get the same treatment– claim you didn't see your victim and you walk."

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chris o (not verified)
Sidewalks in Seattle

I am not defending this guy at all. But in Seattle, it is perfectly legal to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk. This is in contrast to New York city, where it is not legal.

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John R. (not verified)

You CANNOT in any way compare Seattle to NYC in terms of street traffic. Your point was?

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JP (not verified)

His point, I imagine, was the fact of the matter: Sidewalk cycling is allowed in Seattle. Facts make their own points. Point taken?? :-)

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chris o (not verified)
I love Seattle

Like JP said, my point was obvious. It would only be natural that some here would assume it is unlawful to ride a bike on the sidewalk, but in Seattle there is nothing improper per se in doing so.

Moreover, if I want to compare NYC and Seattle in terms of street traffic, I will - even if you shout that I cannot. But I did not even do that. I contrasted the 2 cities and their regulations regarding bicycles on the sidewalks.

In Seattle, pedestrian misfits with purple hair and nose rings wait at the Don't Walk sign at 2 in the morning with no traffic in sight. In NYC, elderly people in wheel chairs cross without looking when they have the Don't Walk sign.

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Etoain Shrdlu (not verified)
Misfit YOU!

"Hey Chris, aren't we getting just a tad subjective here? What is it about purple hair and a nose ring that makes somebody a misfit? Maybe that person is in a rock band and merely draining his or her sinuses.

Raisehellfrida The Mud Maiden had purple hair for a while. She finally decided it was disgusting and changed it back to green.

""Personally, I think Don Rumsfeld is a misfit, and he doesn't even have a safety pin going through his eyebrow.""
--Zikor, the Undercover CIA Man

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrdlu"

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