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Not sure whether it is bad research, bad article, or I missed something. Here is an excerpt:
Put to the test
Pedersen provided some validation for this hypothesis through a clever study in which she had subjects exercise one leg once daily and the other leg twice every other day. The total amount of training was equal for both legs, but the leg that was trained twice every other day was forced to train in a glycogen-depleted state in that afternoon workout. After several weeks of this, subjects engaged in an endurance test with both legs. Pedersen found that the leg trained twice every other day increased its endurance 90 percent more than the other leg.

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Claudette (not verified)
But did the subjects take Viagra? (nm)
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Sam AA (not verified)

I thought they were training their leg muscles!

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packfill (not verified)
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Ron Gentile (not verified)

I've heard before that bonking can improve athletic performance by training the body to increase glycogen storage. Something like that.

Sounds like a bad idea to me because:

1. Bonking is potentially dangerous--do you really want to be in a mentally impaired state while cycling in traffic?

2. Bonking isn't fun--what benefits do you hope to receive that justify being exhausted 30 miles from the nearest train and never wanting to get on a bike again?

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