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I'd like advice on a route from the Nassau County Line to Orient -- routes to take for a relatively straight shot out there this coming Friday. Please e-mail response to me. thanks very much.

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David Schlichting (not verified)
Nassau County to Orient Point
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Claudette (not verified)
I did a mapquest search
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el jefe (not verified)

I think the OP was looking for a cycling route, preferably a tested one, although he didn't say so.
That mapquest route uses some pretty nasty roads for cycling. I couldn't get Dave's link to work but there were a couple of threads about good cycling routes to the east end of the island earlier this summer.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Port Jefferson to Orient Point

"Here's the map of a very nice route I posted last year for someone going from Port Jefferson to Orient Point. Zoom in for details.

From Port Jefferson, take North Country Rd east. In Miller Place, bear left at the pond onto Lower Rocky Point Rd / Rocky Point Landing Rd. Then turn right on Rocky Point Rd (aka Hallock Rd) at the Fire House and go to Rt 25A. Go east on 25A about 1/2 mile and bear right onto the Rt 25A Bypass (has a good wide bike lane) out to Sound Av. (Or you might prefer the hillier but more scenic N. Country Rd through Shoreham and Wading River.) In Baiting Hollow, turn right off Sound Av onto Twomey Av. Then East on Youngs Av / Reeves Av to Doctor's Path. Doctor's Path SOUTH to Rt 25 (Main). East about 2 miles to Edgar Av (traffic light).

Then comes the best part of the ride: Peconic Bay Blvd, New Suffolk Av, Grathwohl Av, New Suffolk Rd, Depot Ln, Middle Rd (Rt 48), Mill Ln, Soundview Av (to Horton Point Lighthouse), North Rd, etc. Finally onto Route 25 (Main).

In Orient Village, take Village Ln (stop at the general store/deli), King St, Narrow River Rd, then back on RT 25 east to Orient Pt State Park.


p.s. Use the gmap pedometer free site to map out your route and calculate distances. You can even save your map for free on their site.


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Paul O'Donnell (not verified)
From Huntington

I rode to Cutchogue last year from Huntington. I took 25A from Huntington to Port Jefferson. Then North Country Road, Lower Rocky Point Road, Rocky Point Landing Road, back on 25A for a bit then North Country Road again. Keep going past Wading River and turn left onto Sound Ave at the Valero gas station. Then keep going East.

As a previous poster noted, from Riverhead to Mattituck it's nice to follow Peconic Bay Boulevard and New Suffolk Ave instead of Sound Ave.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
The scenic route

"""I rode to Cutchogue last year from Huntington. I took 25A from Huntington to Port Jefferson.""

25A can be dicey, especially through Smithtown. Here's my preferred route from Northport to Port Jefferson:


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allen kraus (not verified)

Yes, i am looking for a cycling route. preferably from the end of the E subway line out to Port Jeff. From there I know the way.

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el jefe (not verified)
my route

Off the top of my head; you'll need to look at a map

Use the NYCC ride library to get to Syosset.
Follow Syosset-Cold Spring Rd
R on Stillwell
R Harbor Rd / 108
L Syosset-Woodbury Rd -> Pulaski Rd to end

(Shorter but less scenic is to follow the LIE Service Rd to the end; go left on Woodbury Rd. Follow that as it becomes Pulaski Rd. Traffic is usually fine on the LIE Service Rd until mid-afternoon on weekdays. I'm not sure though what it will be like on Friday af the holiday weekend.)

At end of Pulaski, go straight on Rose.
R on Landing
L Edgewood (or left on Nissequogue River Rd, which is spectacular, to Moriches but this is slightly longer)
L Fifty Acre
R Moriches
L Harbor Hill (at St James Genl Store)
R Harbor Rd to Stonybrook
L at end; follow Christian Ave -> Ridgeway
L 25A, ~3 miles to Port Jeff

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allen kraus (not verified)

thanks very much.

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allen kraus (not verified)
one last question

how strict is the LIRR about bicycles on Friday before Labor Day? and about permits? on noon trains east?

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don montalvo (not verified)
they're strict...

"...tried to get on last year, wasn't able to. you can go to penn station in person to get a pass. i'm trying to get a bike route to jones beach so we can avoid the madness.


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