Ride on Fri (9/1) in East Hampton?

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Does anyone want to ride in East Hampton- maybe to Montauk on Friday? b16

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me (not verified)
ride to Montauk

My buddy and I will probably be doing that ride, leaving Water Mill at 7am and taking back roads to Sag then Swamp road and other back roads on to Montauk. Want to join us? The more the merrier. Reply to the email address above.


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Claudette (not verified)

"Rotations in Southampton does rides every sat and sun starting at 8. They're about 50 miles and the ""a"" ride is pretty fast. They have all levels and it's fun. Meet at the shop at 8, breakfast after the ride. $10.

It's on Windmill Lane in Southhampton. Rotations bike shop.

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Deb (not verified)
Friday Hamptons ride.

Rotations Saturday ride is fun- anyone around on Friday to do a ride? again I am only a b16...

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