WARNING & anyone have non-stolen parts they want to sell?

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WARNING: DO NOT use the bike racks at 3 WFC (Vesey & West Streets)

For years I have left a commuter bike locked up outside during the day at various locations without problems. I realized the risks and had heard the advice against it. I was finally burned on Friday. Leaving work, I had the horrible experience of finding many of the parts from my bike stolen. The handlebars, STI shifters, stem, cables, seat and seat post were all neatly dismantled. This happened in broad daylight.

My office recently moved downtown to the WFC and I was using the racks at corner of Vesey and West streets. It is a covered from rain and there are several security cameras on it. I had been enjoying my new commute down the Westside highway path.

This neighborhood has cops and security guards everywhere. There is always a cop car directly across the street from the racks where my bike was locked. I am not interested in blaming anyone but the thief (and me). Two weeks earlier, someone from my building had approached me to ask for my email for a petition to get the building to provide an indoor rack because there had been so many thefts of bike parts from that outdoor rack. The bottom line is I finally do not believe it is safe to keep a bike on the street. I will be lobbying my building to provide an indoor rack.

Anyone have non-stolen parts they want to sell? My LBS, Metro Bicycles at W 96th, suggested ebay and they would put them on at no charge. David at the shop recommended this since even basic STI shifters cost so much. On an aside, David and the W 96th shop have always been great to me. Even before I bought my new commuter bike from them, they would not charge me for little adjustments. I purposely bought my commuter bike there because of their good service.

I need:

- 9 speed STI shifters
- seat post (27.2mm)
- drop handlebars
- stem (1’’ diameter)

I have been looking at ebay but would love to get back riding as soon as possible.

ter208at yahoo

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Yes - Cinelli Nerve 41cm c-c.
Quill stems only.

I'll edit this later after I check for a seatpost.

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Carol Waaser (not verified)
Bar & Post

"If you're sort of small...I have a Salsa short 'n shallow 38 cm bar, Salsa stem (I think it's 1"") and a Salsa 27.2 seat post with a 22 or 23 mm setback. Sorry, already gave away my old Shimano 9-speed shifters."

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todd b. (not verified)
that blows!

sorry to hear this has happened to you. i know the feeling. a couple of years ago i walked out of my building (the empire state, of all places) to find my commuter track bike stripped of basically the entire drive train. my frame was sitting there locked to the rack with everything else intact. i was in shock since i figured with all the cops and security around the empire state building (and all the tourists), something like this wouldn't happen.

since then i've been commuting with a craig's list $75 special. it's a real clunker, so i don't think anyone will mess with it. but i guess ya never know.


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Claudette (not verified)
that's awful

"Wow -- no wonder more people don't ride to work!
There needs to be the cycling equivalent of the ""city car."" Have read that the ultimate is an old mercedes benz, where the ride and comfort are good, but thieves have no interest.

Either that or devise some sort of electrified lock...

So sorry to hear about all of this.

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Bob Ross (not verified)
"Even better than the ""city car"" equivalent"

"...there needs to be cycling equivalent of a ""decent human being"" allowing every commuter to bring their bike in to their place of employment.

My bike is parked 3' behind my desk as I type this. I realize I'm in the minority & not all buildings & bosses are as accomodating as mine. Guess this is the Good Karma payback for the Raleigh 10-speed that got stolen from in front of my college dorm in 1980, & the Peugeot mountain bike that got stolen from in front of my workplace in 1995."

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mike p (not verified)
what about the security cameras?

you mentioned there was security cameras on the racks, have you enquired what they saw? one thing to realize a lot of digital systems cameras only store 72 hours of footage so you have to enquire before they are taped over.

maybe with all these wi fi spots popping up there wil be a way to stream video to the bike owners.

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Tim (not verified)

I didn’t expect the overwhelming response for free replacement parts or great items at good prices. There certainly are many generous cyclists in NYC. I also posted my note on bike forums. One guy from San Diego offered to send me a stem for free. He then said he couldn’t find it in his garage but wanted to see if his LBS had one they would spare. I did my best to tactfully decline his incredibly generous offer and suggested he can never have too many favors stored up at his LBS.

Thanks again to everyone, Tim

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