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I have a Bianchi Pista (51cm) & want to switch to bull horns....Not really sure what size handle bar I need to buy. Bianchi's website doesn't list the width of the bars that come with a 51. Any suggestions?


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don montalvo (not verified)
handlebar width...

...measure the end of one collarbone to the end of the other. otherwise measure the bar you have now and match the width.

ps, i built my bike last spring and i chose 42cm wide bars. turns out i needed a 40cm wide bar so i'm switching.


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Ilove bars (not verified)

Bars are measured either outside to outside, or center to center. You really just need to know how the new bar is measured, and copy the current if you like it.
The fitting rule of thumb is measure the distance between the points on your sholder bones, and that is your center to center.

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