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Next Saturday there are 2 A rides scheduled: 3 Mtns CT & MA and NYC to New Haven. Before I ask my questions I would like to say that listing 2 good A rides on Saturday with no A rides on Sunday is not the best scheduling of rides. I am sure I am not the only one who likes to cycle 2 times over the weekend.
Now to my questions: Has anyone done both rides and which one you recommend? The 3 Mtns involves a long train ride which I am not quite keen about; but I was told the ride is scenic, etc.
Do you know the URL for NYC to New Haven ride in the Rides Lib? Searching the lib yields no rides with Haven in them!
Thank you,

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carl (not verified)
ride suggestion

I'm trying to decide which ride, as well. Both are quite different.
a) The NY-CT-MA tri-state area is quite beautiful. This ride would be wide open affluent countryside in the lower Berkshires,with lots of climbs and descents. But,like you,I'm not so keen on the train logistics.

b) The New Haven ride would be less scenic, not as difficult, and logistically simpler. It is not unscenic though: the stretch of Rte 22 in northern Westchester and the section through Newtown to Derby in Ct are quite nice. This ride gets suburban/urban again as it approaches New Haven. (Except for some nice coastal views in Westport and a few other places, few would ever ride the direct route, US-1, from NYC to New Haven, as this ride is almost continous urban sprawl)

Hope this helps!

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Jeff (not verified)

Sam, thanks for pointing out the gap in the A rides schedule and for your offer to volunteer to lead a ride on Sunday. Please post your ride today and I'll approve it in time to go out in the eWeekly tonight! Cheers, -Jeff

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Sam AA (not verified)

I meant it as a constructive comment. If people can't make it to an A ride on Saturday it is good to have an option for Sunday. Your sarcasm is ok... I laughed.

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)


Perhaps you’re unaware that NYCC is an all-volunteer club and as such the rides are lead by volunteers. There is no scheduler (that I know of) who schedules monthly rides. Club members donate their time to lead these rides and they decide when and where. Clearly there was no one available to lead rides this Sunday. It is Labor Day weekend. I know your criticism was meant to be constructive but comes across as a little ungrateful and self-serving. Be glad for the options you do have. The C-riders have no rides scheduled this weekend and only 1 for the entire month of September. We’re trying to rally enough people interested in leading C rides so that we can offer at least 1 ride per weekend. Since you're concerned with the imbalance and unfairness of the schedule perhaps you’d like to help us out (no sarcasm intended).


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Chaim Caron (not verified)

Hi Sam,
What they are trying to say is: there is no central planning body that plans which rides will be offered when. Rather, individuals volunteer when they have the time and inclination. The volunteering must be done well in advance of the ride in order to make the deadline for the monthly bulletin. When an individual volunteers to lead a ride, he or she has no knowledge of other people who might offer to lead a ride the same day. So while I agree with you that it would be better for us riders if the rides were more evenly spread out, there is no way to encourage this to happen. If you are new to the club, then a big welcome! And enjoy the riding!

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
And, might I add....

"Don't even consider doing the 3 Mtn ride if you haven't been doing your homework. You will think even less of NYCC if you are left to actually follow the cue sheet by your lonesome if you can't keep up.

These 2 Saturday rides are out of the ordinary. They require a commitment on all parts; leaders and riders. If you don't care to be inconvenienced by trains, there are plenty of cue sheets in the ride library.

Rather presumptuous of you to assume that the 3 Mtn ride panders to affluence. Do you think there is any ""cheap"" land within 3 hours of NYC?


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Carol Waaser (not verified)
Yes, there is a C-ride

There is a C-14 ride scheduled for this Sunday, September 3. It's a pretty ride through Bergen County.

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)

I guess that was the one September ride I was talking about. I can't convince myself that August is over already. Sorry Carol.

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Sam AA (not verified)
Cool down

"I certainly appreciated the work of people who volunteer to lead rides. I wouldn't mind doing that once I get more familiar with the routes; it is my first biking season in NY. That is said one should be able to make a comment without being told to ""submit your ride"" or being ""ungrateful"", etc.
Chaim and Carl, thanks for the info.

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Hindy and Irv Schachter (not verified)

"The shorter version of the ""Two Ways to See the Gunks"" ride is also suitable (or should I say delightful?) for C 14 riders on Sunday as well."

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
From here, all appears moot

As of Wednesday morning, the weekend looks like a washout. Tropical Storm Ernesto should be over us with a warm, windy rain.

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