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Is there any way to get to Riverdale from Manhattan other than crossing the river via the bridge on Broadway? Thanks.

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Ed (not verified)
Riverdale to Manhattan

You can use the west walkway using the stairs off of the service road of the Joe DiMaggio Highway (Route 9A), formerly known as the Henry Hudson Parkway, south of 227th Street. Crossing the bridge will bring you to the toll plaza in Inwood Hill Park. You go down the very steep path to the stairs over the Amtrak tracks, continue on the path south to Dyckman Street. You may also make a hairpin right off the steep path and go under the bridge and follow the path down to indian Road and 218th Street by the Nature Center.

Very hilly with beautiful views.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
more details please...

Hi Ed,
Are your instructions for going northbound or southbound?
If northbound, how do you get on the service road of 9A?
Thanks, Chaim

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chris o (not verified)
Going north

It is a little tricky but here goes. If you take the West side bike path to the end, then follow the hill down to Dykman. Instead of making a right and going towards Broadway, make a left towards the river. Near the end of Dykman is a circle and you make a right there on the sidewalk to go north towards the fields. You go about a quarter mile, near the end, and you will see stairs going over the railroad tracks. Go over the stairs and continue on and there will be a fork to the right with an underpass. Do not take this right, but take the next fork right and go up a pretty big hill towards the West Side Highway. This will lead you to the Henry Hudson bridge sidewalk.

You are not supposed to ride over the bridge, so I would recommend walking your bike past the toll booths where there are bridge and tunnel police. If you are so inclined, just walk until around the bend until you get out of sight of the westernmost toll booths and ride on.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Found the Northwest Passage to Riverdale

Hi Chris and Ed,
I found it, rode back and forth without any problem or even getting lost! Thanks very much!
Best regards, Chaim

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