Any thoughts on this bike case? Any other suggestions?

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  • Any thoughts on this bike case? Any other suggestions?
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Any thoughts about this bike case?

Any other recommendations -- mostly for air travel?


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snagletooth (not verified)


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travel cases

Sounds like you are looking for a travel case.I know somebody who is sellimg a Scicon-71 aero-tech hard case for a very reasonable price.The case can be found on and is located in Manhattan.If you want to find out more call Gay at 802-2534585

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ScottD (not verified)
Good one

"That's a good case. A friend of mine has it. It's going to replace my current TC-1 case when it finally dies. Benefits:

Can fit into the trunk of a cab or Lincoln.

doesn't say ""Velo"" or something similar, which means you might not pay for it at the airline check-in."

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)

trico sports makes a nigh-indestructible case. i really like it.

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alan meltzer (not verified)
bike case

Having travelled and flown throughout the usa and europe I found that the best case is the cardboard box from the airlines. It is important to remove the rear derailleur so not to bend the hanger but it is much easier than all the other boxes. I padded the frame with sponge bike blocks, I bought a $300 case and used it once or twice but I didn't really like it. Also if you are flying in and out of different airports storage is not an issue.

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jimgomez (not verified)
bike case

"Interesting to hear that. I'm relocating to Boston and was considering buying a case so that I could easily travel back to NYC with my bike. I was figuring that a case would not only protect my bike during the move but would also let me ""safely"" stow it on the Fung Wah bus. Do others agree that a well-padded cardboard box can be a cost-effective substitute for a hard case? If not, any recommendations? Issues with frame geometry (mine is relatively small -- 52cm compact Specialized)?"

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