Central Park to Brooklyn in 7 minutes

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"An oldie but goodie video. Love the BSS soundtrack"

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
7 minutes?

Impossible, even if there were no traffic at all. It would mean averaging 35 mph, at least.

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Buzzkill (not verified)
No wonder other people hate cyclists

"Of course, the title says ""how NOT to ride"" while in fact the video glorifies the sort of dangerous(to the rider and to others) and irresponsible behavior that gives all cyclists a bad name. How popular would the video have been if he'd slipped under a bus, or hit a pedestrian who was legally crossing the street? ""But he didn't..."" isn't good enough for me. Then again, I have been called a buzzkill before.

Give me handsignals, proper vehicle-like behavior in traffic, smiles and acknowledgement of drivers, and open roads OUT of NYC on which to be a commando.

Soundtrack good though.


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kley (not verified)
if you'd like to see the original video…

if you'd like to see the original lucas brunelle video…with the _correct_ soundtrack, visit:


i'm sorry - the dubbed (read:incorrect) soundtrack is about the least 'cool' thing imaginable.


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Chill (not verified)

Chill out. It's only meant for fun. Too many people are getting crazy over nothing on this message board.

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