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"we had a great time / ride last saturday. catch the koooool kites in the photos on our ride. since there, surprisingly, seems to be minimal ""b"" rides being listed for this time of year and the days of summer/beach are dwindling joe & I have decided on a repeat performance. so here's the deal. sat 8-26-06 9am [sharp] 34th & 2nd in manhattan. if people are interested in joining from brooklyn we'll pick you guys up at 10am., grand army plaza. see last weeks ride for all other details. Please inform me on line. Now, my home computer may or may not be back on line by fri evening. If it is I’ll post an note by 10pm that I’m on line and have rec any messages there. Otherwise it’s my cell 917 822-5401 and you can call me until [this 1 time]11:30pm and leave a mess.

Meanwhile, last weeks photos:

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Christian (not verified)

Hal, thanks for posting the pics- they came out good. Had lots of fun on the ride! Would repeat this weekend but I'm working. See you soon,

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
b16-17 rockaway-

i'm back on line.

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