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Was out ridding yesterday and at the Cherry Walk, just south of Fairway by 125th street, picked up two carpet nails in my rear tire and one in my front. Of course, I only had one spare tube which left me in a bind. Fortunatly a nice pair of riders, Katie and Ed, stopped and helped me patch the 2nd flat with their patch kit. Even though the carpet tacks cut my ride short and ruined a beautiful evening, I realized something very important - for every one jerk out there that gets pleasure by doing something stupid, like putting tacks on the road, there are at least two very nice people who are willing to stop and help. This is one reason I enjoy cycling so much.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I love Stories with Happy endings

But always ride with

Your Pump
2 spares
Tire levers 3 in case one breaks
patch kit, practise at home
Credit card
water bottle
and a smile

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don montalvo (not verified)
don't forget your medical card (nm)
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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I knew I forgot something.

I think in the resource page here there is a list of what to take on a ride.

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dwiener (not verified)

On 8/29 we crossed the GW bridge for the 1st time and as we neared the NJ side my wife noticed a flat tire. When she repaired it she found a tack in the tire. Today she had another flat from a tack, this time in the vicinity of Riverbank State Park. Is this that common?

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mike p (not verified)

i found a tack in my tire today, i had just passed through the cherry walk near 96 street. i passed quite a few people fixing flats near 135 street as i was heading south. i also noticed a lot of people riding with with floor pumps the last couple days

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don montalvo (not verified)
wow...things must be real bad...

mike p wrote:

> i also noticed a lot of people riding with [with]
> floor pumps the last couple days

did they strap the things to their backs? :) i remember around 2000 someone at the skylark restaurant (nyack) decided to stick tacks in everyone's tires while they were parked in the back of the restaurant. i don't see any cyclists going there anymore...but i see plenty of cyclists going to the runciple spoon...hmm..... ;)


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