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Am thinking of buying a Serotta Concours CS. Am also considering a La Corsa (step down from the Concours) or Fierte Ti (essentially a La Corsa was stock geometry and no ability to get frame painted).

Any thoughts on any of these bikes would be appreciated.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Search the Serotta Forum

"Lots of info there:"

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Tom Lindberg (not verified)
Serotta shopping

If I were in the enviable position of selecting a Serotta, I would visit Signature Cycles and talk to Paul Levine about the line. He is the top Serotta dealer and a real pro. He should give you a clear explanation of the subtle differences in the Serotta models. I have a friend who is riding a new Concours and he is thrilled.

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Beth (not verified)

My husband rides a concours, & I ride a meivici. We love them -- they are phenomenal bikes. We have only good things to say about Serottas -- and Paul Levine at Signature Cycles is definitely the guy to see.

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Andrew (not verified)

i have put almost 10,000 miles on my serotta concours. i love it and would recommend without reservations. talk to paul levine. he's the guy.

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