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I'm coming to the east coast this weekend and am looking to for some riding partners. I'll be bringing my bike and all my stuff so I just would like some information on good ride and maybe a partner or two. I'm experianced and ride around 150 mile a week. I ride around 20 mph on the flats and can do long rides. I arrive on Saturday afternoon and would like to ride Sunday, Monday or Tuesday morning. I'm an early bird so riding ate sunrise is a good option for me. I'm staying near the park but can ride to anyplace to meet a ride.


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jmf (not verified)
visiting NYC with a bike this weekend

The different NYCC rides levels from which to choose all depend on the individual ride leader, how familiar/comfortable/safe you are with riding in pace-lines, and how stringently each leader desires to maintain a pace-line.

For NYCC rides, I suggest e-mailing the leaders of the rides listed for Sunday. Some of these Sunday rides will probably pop up on the home page of the NYCC web-site over the next day or two. One of the two road-bike rides listed for this coming week requires rsvp & is limited to 6 people, probably since it requires taking an early commuter train out to the starting point. These rides may last a considerable portion of the day.

For further questions, the E-mail for the leaders of the 2 road-bike rides listed for sunday include (with symbs spelled out to avoid spam):


kgunn(at)ndci(dot)com [limited to 6, rsvp req'd]

There is also an organized century ride out on the North Fork of Long Island that has a bus leaving from Manhattan very early in the AM to transport bikers / bikes (don't know if the bus is fully signed up, so this may be a limitation) and returning afterward in the evening:

There is another organized ride by the Major Taylor Cycling Club listed at the Transportation Alternatives site
( starting from Newark, NJ Train Station at around 6 am on sunday and there may be a group leaving by an even earlier NJ Transit Train to Newark from the NYC's Penn station.

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jmf (not verified)
ps. remember to bring your helmet

Helmets required on most (possibly all?) of these rides.

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