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Does anyone know who sells replacement parts for Topeak Road Morph or Mountain Morph pumps? I need to replace the frame mounting bracket and do not seem to find a source that would sell the bracket alone without the pump.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Topeak customer service

Google 'em, they're very helpful.

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Rich (not verified)
Just call or email Topeak directly

My road morph's head recently started leaking air. I used their online form to request a replacement part. After an exchange of email, I had the part in my mailbox within a week, no charge.

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Fred (not verified)
Road Morph Parts

"I too had excellent experience with Todson, which handles support for Topeak products. Twice had to get replacement parts, once for a Road Morph. Both times the part came quickly, no charge. Just go to the Topeak website and click ""Service."""

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