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Weather forecast is great.

This ride leaves from Eleanor Roosevelt at 9.30, ventures up Riverside Dr, across the GWB, then up River Road to Piermont or Nyack for lunch. We're usually back on the NYC side of the GWB by 2.30 at the latest.

Sign up here on Tuesday, check back Tues. night to see if we got 2 riders in addition to myself, for a total of 3!

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Jessica (not verified)


i'd like to join you for the over the bridge and river road portion of the ride, as i have afternoon plans. is that possible?

i'm a B-15 rider and will do my best to keep up, but if you feel like i'm too slow you can certainly go ahead.


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jenn (not verified)

Thanks, Maggie, Steve and Karen for a great ride!

If any of y'all want to do another daytime ride on a day other than Wed. and before Labor Day, be in touch.

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Maureen (not verified)

Here's one rider! I hope we find a second.

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Karen (not verified)

Hi - I'd like to join along as well ...

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)

Jessica, don't worry, you'll probably pass me, your fearless leader.

See you in the am, 9.30 at Eleanor Roosevelt.

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