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when can we expect the board to catch up on board meeting minutes? seems several of the minutes for 06 have fallen by the way side:

jan06 had sep05/oct05 minutes
feb06 had nov05/dec05 minutes
apr06 had mar06 minutes

the jan06/feb06/apr06/may06/jun06/jul06 minutes are missing. ironically, the sep05 minutes i stated:

Minutes of Board Meeting: The Board discussed an
email from Geo Carl Kaplan questioning why minutes of
several Board meetings had not yet been published in
the Bulletin. Kathy Jennings apologized for her delay in
preparing the minutes for publication. The Board will be
publishing the missing minutes as soon as possible in the
upcoming issues of the Bulletin. The Board also agreed
that the Secretary will be required to read the prior meet-
ing’s minutes into the record at the start of each Board
meeting as an additional means of ensuring that the min-
utes are completed and published in a timely manner.

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Kathy Jennings (not verified)
just to clarify . . .

Ah, such a lovely memory of my message board floggings and apologies for late minutes from last year.

However, just to clarify, as most of you probably know, I am no longer the Club Secretary. But I am sure that the current Secretary will get the minutes published soon. Typing up the minutes seems like a very small thing when you're not the one doing it, but let's remember that these folks are volunteers and go a bit easy on them.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

And it's not like we need the minutes before we can go ride our bikes, which is what the club is supposed to be about.

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don montalvo (not verified)
you're right...

...one has nothing to do with the other. :)


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don montalvo (not verified)
hehe...sorry, didn't mean to bring up bad memories :)

"i'll email the current secretary so i can get a copy of each of the missing minutes (as outlined by article iii, section 5, paragraph d of the nycc bylaws). i have a bit of homework to do in the coming weeks. ;^)



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