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I've got a 10-speed Chorus setup with a triple and was about to install an ErgoBrain 10....that is, until I found much negative sentiment online.
'It's unreliable, shows incorrect gear combos,' etc.
Anyone use it and like it?

Thanks for any experience + or - with this computer.


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Carol Waaser (not verified)
I like mine

I've also been using an Ergo Brain for about 4 years. Most of the time it's fine, and I've never had really wacky gear readings. Sometimes as I shift to larger cogs the reading is off by one cog, but I'm so used to it that I pretty much know when it's happened. I don't use the cadence function so can't comment on that. Otherwise I'm pleased with it. And with narrow handlebars, I've actually got mine mounted to the side of the stem rather than to the front of the bars. It's quite versatile.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Gearing function? Back in the day, people would tape tiny gear charts to their stems. If you knew what chainring and cog you were in you'd look at the chart and it would tell you what gear you were in. I never cared what gear I was in, as long as it felt right.

Never saw any sense in it. If it's too easy to pedal, put it in a higher gear. If it's too hard to pedal, shift to a lower gear.

Of course, now we have 9 or 10 cogs in back and often 3 chainrings– the paper chart might be bigger than the stem. And glancing down to see which cog you're in could take longer due to the increased number of cogs, which could cause an accident if you glance cogward too long.

Next thing... predigested energy bars.

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Matthew (not verified)

Bill a bit of advice........Judge not, lest ye be judged.

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bill vojtech (not verified)
who's judging who?

"Just commenting on how things have changed over the years– we've gone from 5 to 10 cog clusters in my years as a ""serious cyclist,"" (hopefully not too serious).

I remember when they came out with 6 speed freewheels– we all thought it was a passing fad and everyone would go back to 5 speeds when they realized it was marketing hype.

And just because I personally don't see any sense in keeping track of gears and just go by feel does not mean I ""judge"" those who do.

Lighten up."

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don montalvo (not verified)
i think he was joking...besides...

...most people look down to get an idea what gear they're in, expecially when you're climbing booth and you SWEAR there's a smaller gear available. :)


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bill vojtech (not verified)

When people post without using their full name, I assume they have something to hide. Most people who are joking have nothing to hide, and may even want to be known for their wit.

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Steve (not verified)
Campy Ergo Brain

I have been using the Ergo Brain for over four years. The feature I like best is that the modes are selected from the the shift hoods. There is also a separate stopwatch mode which allows you to time yourself up you rfavorite hill without affecting the overall ride stats. Most of the time, the correct gears are shown which I find to be more helpful than looking at the cogs. However, sometimes after the unit gets wet it shows wonky combos such 34-21 when I was in 34-14. The other issue I have is that the cadence does not register or registers incorrect. The cadence function is necessary for the unit to learn the gearing, especially if you change rear cassettes or wheels. You can also program the cogs in manually. Finally, the computer is mounted in front of the bars and does not take any real estate in the top of the bar.

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Ellen (not verified)

Thanks Steve. Your experience squares with what I've read......particularly the glitchy cadence readout.
If there's nothing else out there with gearing function I may install one anyhow.

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fhacklander (not verified)

"i've been using an ergo brain for quite some time and have generally found it to be very dependable. curiously, i've never had any of the gearing issues mentioned above as i use a standard 53/39 setup up front and 11/23 in back. i wonder if the system has glitches w/ what i will call non-standard setups for lack of a better term? i also liked the ""learn"" feature which i have needed to use on occasion when i have botched a battery replacement. i will say, though, that the menu of features is daunting and i have only used a fraction of them. still, i like the fact that it uses limited real estate w/ a generous screen that allows for the clear and legible presentation of information."

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Ellen (not verified)

Thanks fhacklander .....
I'm sold.....just ordered be shop installed.

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