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I would like to try to get a small group of similar-speed riders. I put a lot of miles on each week, but have never done more than 70 in one shot. Would like to do this year's NY Century (I think it's Sept. 10). I'm a fast B rider (17-19) on flats with good stamina, decent on uphills, and I don't complain (too much). Any interest?

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April (not verified)
Everyone should at least do the TA century once!

"I agree the two rides are so different it's like comparing apples and oranges!

While I do the ENY as often as I can (probably 5-6 time now) I did the TA Century TWICE, because I liked it so much! Well, actually, I found it too exhausting to do the full century in one go so I did it over two different years. One good thing about the TA century is the route changes every few years so the one year I did it, it went up the Bronx first! Very different experience.

""The TA Century covers large portions of NYC, sections that I've never seen before""

Can't agree more.

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Larry (not verified)

I ride at about the same pace you do. I did 70 (Brooklyn-Nyack) for the first time yesterday and handled it OK. I'm planning on doing the escape from NY century in October.
Write back if you want to ride together sometime, either on this board or at [email protected]

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Luke (not verified)

Yikes. Thanks for the reminder... I just missed the Aug. 19th deadline for Express Start. I don't recall seeing that last year... do you get an express lane?!

The route for the 75 miles changed this year from last.

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