Some GWB-related nastiness on Saturday

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"Today around 10 am, I saw a cyclist, who had been riding a black Cervelo with aerobars, being led away in handcuffs by police. Apparently he had ridden up the ramp, skipping that first GWB staircase from Manhattan and had given the cops some guff. (No police cars by that ramp on the way back, however ...)

On the way home on Hudson Terrace, just before the GWB I got there just as ambulances were leaving. Cars were backed up & there was a ""pack"" of cyclists on the sidewalk near one of those apartment buildings with a driveway that leads out from a parking garage. Don't know what happened but noticed about 1/4 cup of gatorade and 1/4 cup of blood on the pavement. Bleh!

I was wondering about these, but I hope all is okay on both fronts."

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Dave the H. (not verified)
Oh, Suspension

Oh, not that GWB-related nastiness...

You're talking about a bridge.

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Claudette (not verified)
Ha! (nm)
cycling trips