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Anyone own a cycling computer they're happy with that has a cadence function and costs less than $75? My main complaint is that mine shuts down and re-sets at random, and takes up to 5 minutes to start up during a ride. (I made the mistake of buying the cheapest one I could.)

I'm also looking for one with a relatively clear user interface. Mine, sad to say, has a SINGLE button in the back which does everything from changing between metric and English units, manually zeroing out the ride numbers, and setting up the time of day, depending on how long you hold it down for. And the only way to get it to do what you want is trial and error, mostly error.

I saw some recommendations in old threads but they were either for heart rate monitor combos (which I don't need) or were very expensive.


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jc (not verified)
Specialized Turbo 2 Elite (nm)

Also: Sigma BC-1606L. Wireless speed / cadence. $60.95

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fendergal (not verified)

Cateye Astrale 8. Only issue is that after a rainy ride, you need to wipe off the contact points on the mount. Otherwise, no problems. Priced at $35 on Performance.

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Bob (not verified)
$27 at biketiresdirect <nm> (nm)
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Mike (not verified)
Thanks! (nm)
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