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I've been noticing a double standard in the park that is quite unfair to cyclists. How can the park police make cyclists remain in the bike lane and stop at lights when they don't enforce the same for runners? it creates a dangerous double standard. not only do runners routinely take up the bike lane (even though there's a FULL runner's lane), they often do it in the wrong direction. this can be especially dangerous on downhills when there are cars about.

have we thought about contacting the central park commision as well as the Road runners club, urging runners to stay in the runner's lane? i think this is especially important on the southern loop. the lane on the road is a bicycle lane. the runners are supposed to be on the left side of the barrier that runs along the left side of the road, but they never do. Frankly, it creates unsafe conditions for runners, cyclists, and drivers alike. I would imagine that the road runners club would be receptive to this, as safety and responsible running should be one of their priorities.

anyone else agree?

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Richard (not verified)
I Completely Agree

Runners are supposed to go clockwise; there are small signs making this point in Central Park. When runners go counterclockwise and take up the outermost lane, they create the very dangerous situation where they don't know when they will be passed and all it take is a sudden, small move and you have a collision where the rider is at risk of being bumped into the traffic lanes.

If runners were required to stay on the inside lane and run clockwise, the risk would be reduced considerably.

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Rob (not verified)
double standard in the park

"The answer to your question is the same answer to the question, ""Why are there so many mid-morning running races in the park but bike races must be so early?"" The park would tell you it's about safety, but it's really about the number of runners and the political power that the NYC runner's clubs wield via the marathon and their big money sponsors. They could make Adrian Benepe (NYC Parks Commissioner) walk naked down Broadway if they felt like it. We bikers are the minority. In this relatively democratic city, that means that we have to suck on it."

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)

i still think it would be helpful for us, as an organization, to discuss it with them.

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Steve (not verified)

I have heard that the parks department and police do not distinguish between the two lanes despite the markings on the road - saying that the markings are old and they just have not painted over them yet. So in their eyes, it is one lane.

All the more reason to get up early.

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chris (not verified)

Steve is correct. I spoke with the Parks Police directly. They told me that there is no difference between the lanes, and that the markings are old and will not be repainted.

I did tell them that this is very confusing and dangerous.

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