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"I emailed the parks department about the speed limit and asked why it was not the same as cars.

I got one reply saying that it was 15, then a correction to from the same woman saying the ""15 mph limit is a guideline for bicyclists while in the recreation lanes""



Dear Mr. Yerkes:

I apologize for the misinformation in the email I sent you earlier.

The 15 mph limit is a guideline for bicyclists while in the recreation lanes in Central Park. However, the speed limit for bicyclists is identical to that of all vehicles, which in Central Park is 25 mph. We have not been enforcing the speed limit for bicyclists on the drives in Central Park and regret any confusion. We have been issuing summonses for bicyclists running red lights and endangering pedestrians.


Adrian Benepe


From: Benepe, Adrian
Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006 4:39 PM
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: your email about cyclists in Central Park

Dear Mr. Yerkes:

Thank you for your email concerning the rules for bicycling in Central Park.

The 15 mph speed limit was established by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), the agency which oversees the city’s roadways including park drives. We appreciate your concern about the speed limit, however, the rules and regulations were established with the safety of all park users in mind, including motorists, pedestrians, skaters, and cyclists.

Cyclists must always yield to runners/walkers at crosswalks, whether the drive is open or closed, and stop at red lights.

We appreciate your taking the time to write and hope you continue to enjoy cycling in the park.


Adrian Benepe"

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Carol (not verified)

Adrian Benepe is not a woman. He is the New York City Parks Commissioner. I'm glad he gave the email correction as to the speed limit.

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Karol (not verified)
great news!

That is absolutely fantastic news. Thank you for sharing this response.

Also, the idea of runners being required to go clockwise (against traffic) and stay in the runners lane is excellent (even though I am thoroughly guilty of running counterclockwise in the park).

Another thought: Pedestrians should be encouraged to cross at the crosswalks--jaywalking is against the law.

It seems like the main thing to dispute at this point are the parade rules, since this would put a major crimp in sigs and bigger nycc rides, unfairly, seems to me.

And getting arrested for breaking a traffic rule if you are in a pair or group of bikes? That is off base to me. A ticket, sure, but arrest? Do you do arrest truckers in a convoy that speed? No, so I don't think this parade rule makes any legal sense.

Perhaps another round of letters might do the trick, or a good speaker at the August 23 meeting.


P.S. I had received a letter similar to your initial response from Adrian Benepe, Parks Commissoiner, saying that the speed limit needed to be enforced due to increased volume of bikers, runners, walkers, roller bladers. It is great to hear that the letter writing campaign actually worked! Persistence wins the prize.


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