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I'm flying to Wisconsin next week and want to take my bike. Does anyone have a bike case I can borrow or rent for about 10 days? (Both NYCC cases are already in use.) I'd need it starting August 22nd, and could return it on the 31st.

I live in upper Manhattan, and ride a very large (66 cm) road bike.


nogoodnik at earth link dot net

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Rob M (not verified)
My bike is 62 cm

I have a 53 - 39. I had to take off the 53 to fit the bike in the club box. There is no way you will fit a 66 in a normal box.

Good luck with it.

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Bob (not verified)
63cm in a case

I ride a 63cm and it just barely fits in the hardshell case. You may not be able to fit a 66cm without a special box.

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Aaron (not verified)

If I can't fit the frame into a case, I'll have to rig up something with cardboard I suppose. What a pain! Thanks for the heads up.


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