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"FORUM to discuss the new NYPD ""parade permit"" regulations that target group cycling - Thursday (that's today, folks), August 17, 7 PM, at St Mark's Church (E. 10th St and 2nd Ave). Bicycling groups and civil liberties groups will be participating.

The PUBLIC HEARING for the new regulations will be held by the NYPD on Wednesday, August 23, 6 PM, at One Police Plaza.

I saw this on 5BBC's weekly mailing. Is anyone from NYCC going to either of these?"

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)

i'll be there with a few of my cronies. see you all there!

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Steve (not verified)

So what happened?

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chris o (not verified)
short article
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Steve (not verified)


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Karol (not verified)
write your council member today!

Great end quote. That sums it up.

“We don’t lose our civil liberties with a big bang. We lose them incrementally and quietly.”

So write to your city council member to discourage them from voting in favor of the new parade rules for cyclists. Pronto! The hearing is scheduled for August 23, so try to get your opinion heard, diplomatically, before that time.

Also, note the new post that the speed limit for bikers is actually 25mph in Central Park, while the 15mph is a guideline for bikers in the bike lane only--says NYC Parks Commissioner. Big breakthrough!

Type in street address and borough and send the email.
It is so easy.

And this is a possible letter to cut and paste.

I am strongly opposed to the proposal that would require parade permits for cyclists in New York City. We are moving vehicles, like cars and trucks, and law does not require those vehicles to get a parade permit unless they are in fact part of a parade).

Nor would drivers of cars and trucks be arrested for running red lights, speeding, or violating any other traffic law, while traveling in pairs or groups. A ticket would be issued, of coure, but arrest? This is Draconian.

Thank you in advance for voting against the proposed parade rules for cyclists.


you name, address, contact info.


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Hannah (not verified)
this just in

"It was great to see some fellow NYCCers at the People's Forum last night, and even though I've been following the issue closely I learned a lot there--and grew even more concerned about what the police were trying to do. This morning I mailed in my notice that I wanted to testify at the 8/23 hearing (akin to putting an ""arrest me"" sign on my head), and I was gearing up to launch a massive campaign toward the City Council, which was seeming like the only hope.

BUT, according to recent reports from TIME'S UP!, TA, and the NYCLU, the NYPD has dropped the proposal and canceled the hearing. So we can continue riding legally in groups and doing all the other things we like to do, not to mention exercising our First Amendment rights. Woohoo!

Spread the love not the hate.


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Christophe Jammet (not verified)


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Can we give our brief speeches anyhow?

Gee, after all the rehearsal of my 2 min. oration... Maybe those of us who were going to speak can get together at the Boathouse and make our brief speeches to one another or orate them to one another as we ride to the GWB so we can at least have the satisfaction of giving them.

But, seriously, folks, a true thank you to all of you who were instrumental in accomplishing this. I don't know who within our club that would be. There's Carol, of course. But if this applies to others of you, a sincere tip of my helmet to you, too.


Of course, what the PD has to show for this now is the names and addresses of those of us who registered to speak and the fact we were going to speak against the proposal....

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af (not verified)
It's no victory yet.

"The NYPD has withdrawn its propsed revised ""parade"" regulations, but intends to resubmit them later, reportedly to remove the references to sidewalk gatherings. I haven't heard anything about changes to the proposal regarding bikes, so you should just keep your powder dry for the next round."

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Carol (not verified)
Thanks to All

Ah, the power of the people! Thanks to all the grass roots lobbying and thanks to pressure from some of our saner public officials, the NYPD has withdrawn its proposal to require parade permits and to subject cyclists and pedestrians to arrest. The public hearing scheduled for August 23rd has been cancelled.

While all this is cause to cheer, our work is not done. The NYPD has promised to come out with a new proposal in September or October that would still require a permit for 20 or more cyclists to ride together. We need the City Council to pass a bill that would nullify any effort by the police to institute any such rule about parade permits. I'll keep you posted about what we want to say to every member of the City Council.

Thanks again to all who wrote to the Mayor, the Speaker and their Council Members.

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af (not verified)
NYT reports new proposed NYPD changes to parade regs.

"They are increasing to 10 (from 2) the number of cyclists riding together which will constitute a parade if a traffic law is ignored; otherwise 20 cyclists together will require a permit.

""The department wants to require permits for groups of 10 or more bicyclists or pedestrians — instead of 2 — who plan to travel more than two city blocks without complying with traffic laws, officials said.

The department is still pushing the previous rule to require permits for groups of 20 or more bicyclists or pedestrians who obey traffic laws."""

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