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I was riding up to Bradley/Tweed Wednesday evening after turning off 9W on Highland heading towards Route 340 and making a right at Hickey Street and saw a lot of loose gravel just as I made the turn (precariously). I should of just avoided this turn off but figured that Kings Highway should be fine... NOT! Yeah there were signs up about road work, but it's the entire length of Kings Highway until you hit Route 303! If going up that way definitely avoid and just take 340 to 303 then the usual!

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JB (not verified)
directions to Piermont?

Thanks for the alert! I'm riding to Piermont this Sunday and would be grateful for directions from 9W. (I've ridden back once but didn't note the route very well.) Thanks.

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JP (not verified)

cprider - thanks.

JB, Piermont is easy. About 18 miles north of the GWB off of 9W. After State Line and the big downhill, a few more miles and you'll see a large wooden sign on the right of 9W that says Tallman Mountain State Park. Take the right (onto Rockland Rd.) and descend again, make a right at the stop sign (Ferdon Ave.) and follow that road around the canal, take it straight through the light where Ferdon becomes Piermont Ave. and in 2 blocks - Piermont central!!

Returning, you reverse: take Piermont Ave to Ferdon and then a left onto Rockland Rd along Tallman Park. Or if you want to avoid the Rockland Rd. climb, continue straight past it on Ferdon and at the big intersection, make a left towards Rte 340 and 9W and pick up ... 9W ;-) Either way, you have to climb out of Piermont.

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Jerry Bregman (not verified)

Thanks for the info! I love good directions!! See you on the road some time. Let me know if you want to come Sunday morning at 8-ish.

-- J

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