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"has anyone done the ramapo rally century? i was wondering how challenging it is, how hilly it is. the web site just says ""challenging and hilly."""

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Jersey guy (not verified)
Word is that it will be less hilly this year

I have ridden last year's century route and it was quite hilly (6,000 feet or more for 100 miles), but this year I hear that it is being flattened significantly. This has apparently caused a bit of a controversy with some longtime riders of the event, who liked the hillier course.

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rp (not verified)

thanks. i take it the rumors are reliable? i am just debating whether i should do the 62 mile course since I have not been riding as much this year as last.

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Jersey guy (not verified)
I can't say for sure about the rumors

I know that several longtime BTCNJ club members think the century ride has been made a lot easier. There are a lot of turns this year on the century and there is some unhappiness about that I hear.

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