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I'm selling a 62cm Serotta Colorado built w/9 speed Dura Ace, an XL Specialized S-works Tarmac frame, and a set of Mavic Heliums.
I'm asking $1100 for the Serotta, $1350 for the Specialized, and $110 for the wheels. The latter two are in pristine condition.
Please email me for details or pictures.
Dave Sargent

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Rob M (not verified)
What is the story with the wheels?

Campy or Shimano? is it 11-23? 9 speed or 10?


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dave sargent (not verified)

The heliums are Shimano compatible. It does not come with a cassette. I believe it is compatible with 8,9, and 10 speed cassettes. I used it with 9 speed.
Email me for more details.

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