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"The Post is in a bush-league of their own.

Page 10 of Tuesday's NY Post reads:

""Prowling Biker”
Lance Armstrong and his loyal workout buddy, Matthew McConaughey, hit Miami Beach with a vengence last week, traveling from club to club with “a group of really skanky women,” tattles our spy. Another snitch claims it was Armstrong’s wandering eye that led to his split with Sheryl Crow: “he’s not the prince on the yellow bike that he tries to portray himself as.”"

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Charley Hoarse (not verified)
this post

So are you for posting it!

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[email protected] (not verified)

"obviously not a bad week to be a Florida ""skank""!! :) Lucky girls..."

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Susan (not verified)

Lance is on Jay Leno's TONIGHT show today, Wednesday, at 11:30 PM.

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