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I guess you would classify me as a c rider. I average around 13 mph in my loops around the park, slower along the river in a strong head wind. I work weekends and am looking for other weekday riders, mostly on mondays and tuesdays. I ride a sluggish hybrid.

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slowpoke (not verified)
c riders


I emailed you twice, but they were returned each time. Is there something wrong with your email account?


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af (not verified)
"Yes, he probably meant ""earthlink"" (nm)"
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Dennis Wiener (not verified)
Any weekday c riders

My bad, should have been [email protected]. I tried emailing you off list but your address bounced for me.

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iRIDEaLOT (not verified)

Unlikely you'll find any weekday C riders. If you find someone that is riding during the week, as well as the weekend, it's likely that they'll be B riders, as least.

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josh (not verified)
weekday cyclists

Does 35-mile rides on Thursdays and loops on Tuesday. You can query them at [email protected], find out about the current ride and join their list to get weekly updates.

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Lynne Kantor (not verified)
Weekday cyclist

Trudy is a great leader and they are a really nice group of people.
They ride between 13-15mph, depending on terrain they may go slower or faster. They do laps around the park on Tues. at 10:00am and Thurs. they do anywhere from 35-55mile rides. All rides meet at the boathouse at 10:00am.

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Maggie Clarke (not verified)
Avg 13 mph is not a C pace

It's not well enough known or emphasized in the club, but averaging 13 mph is not at all the same as a C13 pace. I've started a thread on the ride classification for more info, but for now, just realize that C13 means that when you are riding on level ground you do 13. When you add in the usual hills, stop lights, slowing for turns and such, you are no longer averaging 13. It's more like 10. But if you are averaging 13, then your cruising speed is 16. Go look for a B15 or 16 buddy.

And yes, I was going to suggest TWC as well. But I don't know what to make out of a range of 13-15... is that cruising or average? Do they use Point drop sweep so no one is left behind?

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
It might be sacrilege but...

"In Portland, Oregon there's a bike club called
Slugvelo, since 2003. I got this from a randonneuring listserv, believe it or not.
Their emblem is a non-shell snail (a Slug) that looks like its riding a 4-wheel vehicle.

They have ""C"" or even slower rides at 10mph.

It would be great if there was a NYCC Slugvelo club.

No one gets dropped. Ever. To reduce the intimidation factor so often found in traditional velo club rides we will never exceed speeds of 8 to 10 miles an hour. Perhaps we'll make an exception for a big downhill, but we'll be carefull there.

Helmets are required. You get only one brain in this life. Keep it safe. Slug Velo values brains of every stripe and we want yours to get home safely. Helmets are cheap and they work. In Oregon the law requires helmets for all riders 16 and under.

Clothing is required. There are times and places to ride nekkid. A Slug Velo ride isn't one of them. Please don't come naked to ride with us. Consider a casual look there's no penalty for wearing sneakers or riding with flat pedals. Wear lycra at your own risk.

We'll follow the law. If you think you don't know about the legal responsibilities of bicyclists you can review Oregon Cycling laws. In particular we'll stop for stop signs and red lights; ride no more than two abreast; and, signal for turns and slowing down. Note: If the group is divided by a traffic signal front riders will wait for the rear group to join them after the next green light. We'll ride with the traffic flow, which sometimes means in the traffic flow.

Ride any bike you want as long as it's safe. As in: make sure your brakes work. If we might be out after dark have lights. No bike snobbery will be allowed. We want all bicyclists to feel welcome.

Expect a theme. Our first ride was the Groundhog Weekend Coffee Worship Ride starting, breaking and ending at coffe shops. We admired inventive ways of carrying hot coffee on bicycles. We ignored any shadow sighting that might portend more weekend. We sang Happy Birthday to Beth. Late in the spring we have a Garage Sale ride that stops at garage, moving and estate sales. August dips into ice cream places for the most delicious ride of the year.

Variable Routes, no rut for the Slugs. We'll keep it under 20 miles, maybe even under 15. It will always start in or near Portland and sometimes loop and sometimes not. Routes will be chosen for making the ride one that can be enjoyed while chatting with the person riding next to you.

Just to be extra clear this is not a Critical Mass Ride! Critical mass aims to make a powerful statement. Slug Velo is a social ride at a determidly mellow pace and nothing more.


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