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Hey all - can anyone recommend a good site that I can use to map a route for riding to Portland, ME? I already know where I'm staying, so I'm looking for a site where I can punch in a beginning and end point and it'll tell me the best way to go. Someone recommend AAA to me but I would prefer not to give them my money as I still haven't forgiven them for ruining alternative transportation in this country. Also maybe there's a site that has write-ups of scenic routes in New England?


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af (not verified)
Adventure Cycling Assn.

Adventure Cycling has various cycling routes for long range cycling trips around the country, including an Atlantic coast route which you could easily reach from NYC at various points on their segment from Norristown, PA to Windsor Locks, CT, continuing to Bar Harbor, ME.

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Sam AA (not verified)

You may want to check They have a function for generating off-highway direction sheets.

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