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"I live in Maryland but my son lives in Chinatown. I like a good challenge. So on July 25 I took the ""A"" and the ""1"" to 242nd St and headed south. In INwood park I asked a man about the route south and he told me take Dykman to the water and you will see the Greenway. At the end of Dykman there was a marina and a restaurant. Next to the restaurant was a chain link fence with what looked like a path. Two men who only spoke spanish did not offer much help. The path was good for about a quater of a mile and then it got more and more narrow. The river was only 50 feet to the right and the railroad was 20 feet to my left. There was a lot of homeless camps on the river side. Eventually the path gave out and I decided to go onto the railroad right of way through a hole in the fence. The GW bridge was within 250 yards. After hustling up the right of way I found another hole in the fence and scrambled up some rocks and the path began again. Then the path was open and a small diagonal bridge was right there over the railroad . All was fine after that. Where did I go wrong??? Thanks Charlie In Maryland"

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susan c (not verified)

You should of made a left turn before reaching the marina. I think it's the last street before the marina; at the top of the hill make a right onto the sidewalk, which turns into the bike path after you go up some stairs (or maybe down, I've only done this once and can't remember exactly).

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jmf (not verified)

"""Dyckman St & Riverside Drive, New York, NY""

Enter the above string without the quotes into the search box for


The main flow of traffic on Dyckman St going Westbound (northwest on the map) is directed to the left at this fork and the street changes its name to Riverside Dr. It is likely that the person giving the directions did not know about the name change for this short stretch, since most traffic is directed this way.

As you found out, Dyckman street continues to the right at the fork, but does not lead to the main bike path.

Instead, go left at this fork, and then continue onto the sidewalk just past the freeway on-ramp (for the Henry Hudson Parkway) & then go underneath the freeway overpass. Just past this overpass on the right side is a staircase that leads to the bike path."

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