ebay exec dies doing what he loved...

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Matt Bushell (not verified)
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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Here we go again: it's the bike that collides with the vehicle.

"From the above referenced Santa Cruz Sentinel article,this describing another crash in that same article:

""...when his bicycle collided with an SUV on Highway 9 near Hubbard Gulch Road.""

Right: it's always the bike that collides with the multi-ton vehicle, never the driver who collides with a cyclist. That's because we're all so stupid that we drive into faster, heavier, steel cocoons. Notice how often (as in: always) fatal bike-vehicle collisions in NYC are reported as the bike colliding with the vehicle."

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D (not verified)

I agree about the language generally used by news reports (bikes colliding with SUVs, instead of the other way around), but it should be noted that the main accident described in this article happened when the cyclist crossed the double yellow line, apparently because his speed going around a turn was too high. It's tragic that someone died, but crossing a double yellow line is a surefire way to have your ride end in disaster.

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