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A week of vacation coming up very soon. Have made no plans:

Wife wants to hang on the beach with the baby. I need to ride (almost everyday). B18 level 30-60mi rides.

Have car with rack. Any suggestions??


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JP (not verified)
Cape Cod

Cape Cod is great. Ocean beaches on one side, bay beaches 2-3-4 miles away on the other side, lots of road cycling and a rail trail with off-shoots to beaches, etc.

I like the area near Wellfleet - as it is close tprovincetown and the many restaurants, etc.

Google some things and you're set. If you need some help, let me know.

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Ron Torok (not verified)
I may need some help

I was in Brewster last year in Aug and I felt like I had to choose b.w. rail trails (too crowded with peds and novice cyclers or the roads, which were quite congested. Maybe its better in the lower Cape.

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carl (not verified)
Westerly, RI area

I think that down-county RI and nearby CT have tremendous riding options. Unlike most area seafronts, it's not overdeveloped and you can get inland into very quiet roads and even get some challenging hills. Plus there are lovely towns for the family, such as Westerly and Pt Judith, in RI and Stonington and Mystic in CT. There's even an option to hop a ferry and go riding in Block Island, or the east end of Long Island.

FYI, Westerly is more upscale; Misquamicut a bit more down-to-earth.

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mfink (not verified)

Second on the RI beach areas. Less congested than many other beach areas. Biking flat along the shore, with hill options into the interior and some state parks. The state web site has some maps, plus check LBS when you get there.

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carl (not verified)
Watch Hill, not Westerly

"When I referred to "" Westerly"", I really meant Watch Hill, RI."

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Jpdavis (not verified)

I would suggest Bethany Beach, Delaware. Check out the web for lodging suggestions, but there is a great riding along the ocean, often with strong headwinds in one direction (great for training, head into them on your way out for a blast on the way back!). You can easily do 25 to 50 mile rides along the ocean on bicycle friendly route or if your looking for more miles, it's easly to look at a local map for in-land routes to add on.

a challenging ride is down to assategue national part at the tip of the peninsula. not pretty riding through ocean city, maryland (go early, miss the traffic), but assategue is worth of the most spectacular beachs out there (yes, this is the park with the wild horses which swim accros the bay).

Good luck

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Ron Gentile (not verified)

I second Jonathan's suggestion of Bethany Beach. I stayed in Ocean City this summer and had a great time. Riding through OC is not bad--there is a lane on the main drag dedicated to buses/bicycles and motorists respect it for the most part (although I personally wouldn't ride at night there). Ride just a few miles southwest from Ocean City and you are in the middle of nowhere--you might see 5 cars in an hour. I followed a cycling route called the ViewTrail 100 that basically is the route of the Seagull Century. It's gorgeous, desolate and flat. In general I found the whole area to be extremely bike-friendly--it was kind of a shock to come back to NY. Only downside I can think of is that you won't find many hills in the area. I'm trying to convince the fam to go back again next year.

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Eva Wirth (not verified)
Long Beach Island, NJ

I would highly recommend LBI for both beach and bike riding. The island is 37 miles from end to end. It is a very family friendly place. I would recommend bike riding in the morning to avoid the midday traffic.

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Fred (not verified)
"If ""beach"" doesn't have to mean ""ocean"" ...."

then 3 suggestions:

1. The Adirondacks. Wonderful lakes and beaches. Great biking with surprisingly well maintained roads, and less hilly than you might think. (But the hills are there, of course, if you really want them.) I'd suggest basing yourself either in Lake Placid or Saranac Lake. Lake George, although a bit touristy and congested, is nonetheless quite beautiful as well.

2. Lake Champlain. Vermont. What more can you say?

3. The Berkshires. Lakes, culture, beautiful scenery. Great biking.

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johnny blase (not verified)

hey i was thinking about heading to california...anybody have anything to share on that?backroads is just too pricey.. are there any other outfits like that or should i just go to napa and start pedaling? also what about those bike carriers that nycc owns?

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