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I met Gail Brewer today, the City Council person for the Upper West Side. I told her of my concern about the proposed changes to the parade rule. She assured me she would be at the meeting later this month, speaking out against the NYPD and the new rule. She's a member of TA, an acquaintance of Paul Staley White and has a proposal before the council to keep cars out of Central Park. In other words, she's on our side.

Anyone know where the other City Council members stand?

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Carol (not verified)

Council member John Liu from Queens has been a friend to cyclists. Also Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Speaker Christine Quinn had been helpful in the past. Everyone should contact their Council member and ask that the City Council come out strongly against this proposed rule change.

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Hannah (not verified)

I wrote to my council woman, Jessica Lappin (Upper East Side), over the weekend. Just got a response, and I still don't know where she stands:

Council Member Lappin is very concerned about these newly proposed
regulations. She is currently working with the Counsel to the Committee
on Public Safety to determine what the next course of action should be.
Please see the attached flyer regarding a hearing that is going to take
place on August 23. I urge you to testify or submit testimony regarding
your opposition to such a change.

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steve chabra (not verified)

according to an email response from rosie mendez's office, she'll testify against the proposed changes and she's working with christine quinn to determine what actions the council could take if the nypd passes the amendment.

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