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Queensboro bridge Bike lane entrance on the Manhattan side looks like the traffic direction flow for cyclists has changed or corrected forcing you to enter from 1st Ave.

In the past I have crossed 2nd Ave down 60TH which is a two way at this point and onto the bridge.

This change however looks like a safer entrance to the bridge.

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Claudette (not verified)
When did this start?

Last week I rode into Queens and entered via 60th street from 2nd avenue. It was tough to navigate with the exiting cars, but a kind traffic officer held them for me so I could cross.

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
You can come from 1st or 2nd

From 2nd you may have to wait 10-15 seconds for a break in the exiting cars, although usually someone will stop and let me through. Getting on from 1st is easier--you just stay to the left side of 60th St. where there is no traffic.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

What is occuring is the closure of the a rolling gate on 60th ST.

Yesterday in the evening it was closed at one point , forcing you to exit/enter at 1st.

This am I went around and entered from 1st, of course the gate was open so you could have come from 2nd.

What the problem as I see it is the following:
a) If the gate is closed you WILL have cyclists decending fast and unaware of this event, while the cyclists entering may crash into them while making that hair pin turn.
b) A sign on the bridge should help tell cyclists to slow and make that hair pin turn.
c) On 1st ave there are cement barracades, that if moved over a bit would create a safety lane for walkers and cyclists.
d) A better sign from 1st Ave indicating where the bike lane begins at 60th St, since at that point 60th becomes a ONE WAY.


Think about it

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Kris (not verified)
I think a mirror would be the best thing to add there... (nt)
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Stéphane (not verified)

Whether the gate is closed or not is not relevant. Any cyclist coming from Queens should slow down so as to be able to stop to avoid cyclists coming from 1rst ave. I feel safer coming from 2nd avenue because it's easier to stay on the right side of the access ramp to avoid bikers coming down on the bridge;

The real fun is on the other side of the bridge if you are heading towards Queens bld. Actually, most parts (including the very beginning) of Queens Bld should be avoided as much as possible. The NYC cycling map is very useful to find better routes, like 43rd av/Skillman, Woodside av, etc.

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johnny blase (not verified)

everyone please take it slow ..there are wicked blindspot on that turn

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