New bridge in place for $3,000,000 Orangetown trail

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  • New bridge in place for $3,000,000 Orangetown trail
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"access the trail from Oak Tree Rd in Tappan opposite Finn McCool's tavern and traverse scenic Sparkill en route and soon you can go all the way to Lowe's Home Center parking lot on a paved trail. 80% of the $$$ came from fedl govt.

More info, go to ""Journal News"", then ""news"" then ""Rockland"" for 8/10."

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Bob (not verified)

I noticed that trail a few weeks ago but didn't check it out because I was trying to beat the rain. Has anyone ridden it that can tell us what its like, where it gets you too, etc.?

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
Not done yet

I checked out the trail about 10 days ago, but the bridge isn't open yet (as the article notes). You can ride on the trail for about 2 miles from Oak Tree, then wend your way to the outskirts of Piermont.

I wish some of these trails would run for 20, or 30, or 50, or even 100 miles! They just never seem long enough to me.

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Jay (not verified)
the trail ends at Rte 303--will go to Lowe's Home Ctr

"It starts at Oak Tree Rd, Tappan, opposite Finn McCool's bar.

For $3,000,000 the 4 miles or so is pretty good--you have to go over curbs when it crosses streets, mostly in Sparkill which could result in pinch flats or accidents while a rough 2-3 foot ramp costing about $100 would aleviate the problem (like the one just South of Fairway on the West Side Hudson River Trail)

I wrote to the Journal News saying it was a ""trail to nowhere"" as the ultimate destination, Blauvelt is not an important cycling mecca. For only $60,000 the magnificent woodland riverside trail above Nyack Beach Park to Haverstraw could have been reopened!"

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