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A couple of other members and I have been doing morning laps in CP on a regular basis. Three laps -- warm-up, all-out timed and cool-down.

Given the increased riding traffic, traffic light enforcement and reduced morning daylight, I am starting to think this training regimen is potentially dangerous and really not the best way to go.

Can any regular CP loop riders share their riding/training strategies?


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Joe (not verified)

What are you training for?

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Ron Torok (not verified)

I think our common goal is ust to become stronger riders all around -- basically step up from a B18 to a solid A19.

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Jake (not verified)

What time do you do your laps?

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bill vojtech (not verified)

Treat it like a club ride on open roads and stop for the lights. I doubt the cops can tell the difference between the 15mph limit and 18-19 mph. Go extra hard up the hill, where you will put effort into fighting gravity instead of going fast.

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Rob M (not verified)
Start at 4 am

No cop will ticket you that early and you will not have to worry about peds.

Seriously, start early and finish early or start your laps after 8pm when the park is quieter.

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Ron Torok (not verified)

Are you guys going balls-out on the downhills? Can easily get up to 30-35+ at different spots. That's where things get dicey with the people around...

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