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I was up in Maine last week. Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park... we had not been up there in six or seven years, it was as beautiful as ever.

The reason for this post, the question I have is; my son and I rented a couple of road bikes on Saturday morning, we did the entire loop road that runs through the park and finished the ride with a climb (and descent) of Cadillac Mountain (elev. 1530') when we arrived at the summit, my 16 year old son asked what category a climb like that would be rated. While not exact, the climb itself was approx 4.5 miles and went from sea level to 1530'. Can anyone answer the question for my son (and me too!)?


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ted (not verified)

How about a 3rd category? Over 5%, but under 1600 feet. Seems to fit well.
The first of you to the top got 10 points, the second 7.

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George Arcarola (not verified)

Thanks Ted!!

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